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4 maintenance tips to get more value (and use) from your garage door

Homeowners often fail to recognise the true value of a well-organised, well-maintained and functioning garage as part of the overall property – starting with the garage doors, of course.
While most garage doors are low maintenance, it doesn’t mean one can take a chance and do no maintenance at all; neither use an amateur to do the maintenance work. You need to engage a professional garage door expert to handle all maintenance services to ensure a perfect job.

Your garage is home to your cars, perhaps tools, appliances and/or storage for other valuables – you may as well take measures to keep that part of your property in good shape.
Today we focus on your doors. Here are a few tips for keeping this part of your property in top shape.

Observe and Listen

When opening and closing your garage doors, take the time to view and listen to the process. Is it smooth or are there “sticky” areas? Is it a beautifully quiet exercise or do the grinding and scraping noises send shivers up your spine? Do both sides of your door system (cables, springs, pulleys) look symmetrical?
Spotting (and fixing) problem areas quickly can save you a lot of time and money further down the line.

Make sure everything is tight

Some statistics indicate that the average garage door opens more than a thousand times a year. That amount of movement and vibration can loosen the hardware so it’s worth your while to inspect and tighten all the elements that are not 100% secure.
Test the balance

A skew, unbalanced garage door is going to put more strain on the mechanism and that will, most definitely, negatively impact on the life-use you get out of the mechanics.

Keep things lubricated

To guarantee a smooth operation, make sure your garage door parts are well-lubricated. It only takes a few minutes to grease the wheels (so to speak) and it will save you a lot of problems going forward.
There are several other tips of course but, certainly, getting the above right will go some way in keeping your garage doors in shape.

If you require more assistance, however, our friendly professionals at GarageDoor24 are always willing to assist.

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